KS-4 is an automated, sophisticated system designed for accurate and efficient loading of artillery ammunition and mortar bombs using the auger method. It consists of a system of modules that form the basic elements of the line:

Fulfillment module

This module is responsible for filling ammunition with explosive material. It forms a system for loading and preparing cartridges for filling.

Milling module

This module performs operations to create cavities for the ignition system in filled cartridges. It is closely linked to the filling module, to ensure seamless integration.

Handling and transport module

This module controls the movement of charges within the system, using mechanisms to transfer charges between different stages of the process.

Explosive dosing module

This module ensures accurate dosing of explosive material into cartridges, in close connection with the filling module.

Explosive material transport module

This module ensures the transport of explosive material within the system, transports it to the heating module for temperature regulation.

Explosive material heating module

This module prepares the explosive material to the required temperature for filling. It works closely with the dosing module.

Control and Monitoring Module

This centralized module controls all machine functions. It includes a computer control system, safety features and control of electrical distribution components.

Heating preparatory module

This module prepares heating media to the required temperatures, includes temperature control stations for specific components.

Quality Control Module

Dedicated to the preparation of samples and evaluation of the quality of filling with explosive substances, it includes a system of dividing and control devices.

Dust extraction module

This module controls the extraction of dust generated during the processes, maintains a clean and safe working environment.