About us

DELTA DEFENCE, a.s. Bratislava is an authorized research and development (R&D), business and production company specializing in the implementation of projects related to the production processes of armored vehicles and technological processes for the production of small-caliber, medium-caliber and large-caliber ammunition, including chemical inputs to production.

During its 30-year history, DELTA DEFENCE, a.s. Bratislava, in the role of integrator, participated in all transformation projects of Slovakia, after joining NATO (2004).

This participation includes projects carried out in cooperation with BAE Systems, such as the I FF project for identifying friend or foe based on communication between a ground radar and a transponder installed in an aircraft or helicopter, or a project for a mobile communication system for the Slovak Army. Delta modernized the RM 70/85 modular rocket launcher for the Slovak Army, capable of firing 122 mm GRAD and 227 mm MLRS rockets. This project was implemented in cooperation with Diehl Defence.

Through its acquisitions, whether the French manufacturer of automated lines for the production of ammunition Manurhin or the Slovak manufacturer of explosives ISTROCHEM, the company gained access to the technological processes of the production of automated lines and also acquired qualified workers. These factors of production participate in the current portfolio of production.

The company's production portfolio consists of:

Production of automated lines for filling explosive materials into large-caliber ammunition (60 mm - 155 mm) using the auger method. This method involves continuously pressing layers of explosive material into the cavity of the ammunition.

Modernization of armored vehicles

Technologies and technological processes for the NORICUM GHN-45 artillery system, a howitzer with a caliber of 155 mm.

Technologies and technological processes for production lines for industrial explosives.

Technologies and technological processes for 122 mm GRAD rockets

Technologies and technological processes for the production of automated lines for the production of ammunition

In the field of modernization of weapon systems, the company implements projects in its production facilities or on site at the customer's location.


  • 1993

    Establishment of the Delta-B company "NORICUM GHN-45 project"

  • 2011

    Acquisition of MANURHIN, French ammunition manufacturer with Mulhouse technology

  • 2004

    Cooperation with BAE Systems "IFF - friend-foe identification" for the Slovak Air Force"

  • 2013

    Strategic cooperation with Explosia, Pardubice Czech Republic "Medium and small-caliber ammunition powders"

  • 2005

    Cooperation with DIEHL BGT DEFENSE "RM-70/85 MODULAR"

  • 2016

    Acquisition of Istrochem Explosives, Bratislava Development and production of explosives in Slovakia

  • 2006

    Cooperation with BAE SYSTEMS "MOKYS mobile C3 system project" Privatization of the Military Repair Company - VOP Prešov

  • 2019 to present

    Establishment of the Design Office of Neotechnology